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Kaal Rock Park Concert Series

Do you know where this park is?

A series of three concerts were scheduled in Kaal Rock Park along the southern Poughkeepsie waterfront, September 11, September 25, and October 9, bringing in some very talented musicians for free concerts.  These concerts were primarily motivated by the beauty of this space, its proximity to the Hudson River, and an awareness that this park is under-utilized with much potential.  Organized by local arts activists (aka "artivists") David Henningsen and Mary Reynolds, with the help of the Public Arts Commission and City Administrator Marc Nelson, music is a great vehicle for bringing people together to see the potential of this space and the value of investments in public art and the value of investments in our City parks.


These concerts complement Mayor Rolison's recent initiative for investment in our City parks, for which significant repairs and upgrades are needed.  Click here to read the City press release on this initiative, then follow the imbedded link to see the detailed spreadsheet of proposed upgrades to all 18 of our City parks.  Please support this initiative to help the City provide beautiful spaces so we can bring people together to enjoy music in the future.

September 11, 2021


September 25, 2021


October 9, 2021

DylanDoyle 18x24.jpeg

September 17, 2022

KaalRockPark Sept 17 v2.jpeg

September 24, 2022

KaalRockPark Sept 24 v3.jpeg
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