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Department of Public Works Vehicles 

Have you noticed a beautiful garbage truck around the neighborhood?

A project was started in 2019 to decorate DPW Sanitation Department vehicles, hoping to bring smiles to our residents as trucks pass by each day while giving pride and thanks to the DPW staff for all the hard work they do to keep our City clean! Thanks to our hard-working partners in DPW each year we picked out the oldest, ugliest vehicle still having at least a few years of useful life ahead, turning a portion of the vehicle into an artistic canvas.  Organized and choreographed by local artist Suprina, DPW did a power wash and cleared out space in the transfer station for us to work.  Then a group of us sanded and primed the surface, in preparation for artistic expression.  For each vehicle we enlisted a lead artist to create a design suitable for the vehicle, and then painted the surface with the help of a few young, inspiring artists.

2019: Truck 94:  our first garbage truck was a real beauty, a lot of space to work with, ready for activation. The artwork was designed and painted by Suprina, with the help of some young aspiring artists.  The design incorporated a positive statement on each side:  PoughKEEP IT CLEAN and We're All In This Together.

Check out this video clip of the 2019 Festival of Lights parade!

2020: Truck 107:  This recycling vehicle was singled out by Terry Clayton to be our second truck to attack.  It largely consists of rust held in place by paint, with nice panels on each side begging to be decorated.  It was designed and painted by local artist Nestor Madalengoitia with the help of some young aspiring artists, depicting a sunny future ahead!

2021: Truck 97:  Another beauty picked out by Terry Clayton to be our third truck to attack.  This truck was a much, much larger canvas, with two panels on each side and fun curved sections at the rear.   It was designed and painted by local artist John Breiner with assistance from young aspiring artists.

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